23 March 2015

TRACKS MAGAZINE - 1000SG Feature: How to bury dead boards sustainably?

"Chris’ artwork was the first of its kind but since he completed the work, board graveyards have been created in commemoration of surfers. Notably, Ricardo dos Santos was recently honoured with a board graveyard. “It was pretty cool to see that happen,” said the 25-year-old, who may have started a new surfing ritual."

Read the full article here: http://www.tracksmag.com/how-to-bury-dead-boards-sustainably/

10 January 2015

1000SG WINS Dukes Day Shorts!

Dukes Day celebrates our community’s love and respect for the ocean and the environment. 2015 was the 100th year anniversary of Duke Kahanamoku Igniting Australia’s Surf Culture and the spirit of Aloha!

Duke's Day, in association with Panasonic, supported the opportunity for an emerging film-maker to create a short film to be played on the big outdoor screen on the Saturday night of the Dukes Day!

A big thanks to Rhiannon Bannenberg from The Ridge Productions and Panasonic for the brand new GH-4 camera! I look forward


22 October 2014

Illawarra Mercury: 'Surfboard graveyard' photo nails top prize

"A haunting picture of a ‘‘surfboard graveyard’’ at Garie Beach has won the people’s choice category at the Australian Life photo competition, part of Art and About Sydney." 

Read the full article here: 

14 June 2013

Sets on the Head AND a Broken Board - Swellnet

Reasons to be cheerful:
(1) Breaking your favourite stick, and
(2) Wearing a set on the head.

This punter is delighted with his current predicament...

More photos at Swellnet: http://swllnt.com/12TTkDv

11 November 2012

Little Kajah Aziz - Holding Onto What's Left

"Little Kajah Aziz, 6 years old, working on his front-hand variations in his garden of Eden, Lakey Peak, Sumbawa". - Photo: Mick Curley: http://www.surftimemagz.com/2012/06/never-be-late

4 November 2012

The Benchmark for a 'Sustainable Surfboard' - SustainableSurf.Org

The ECOBOARD Project Benchmark
An ECOBOARD must be made from at least one of the following materials:
  1. Blank: foam made from minimum 40% recycled foam or at least 40% biological content
  2. Resin: epoxy resin made from minimum 15% biological content with low VOCs
  3. Alternative Structure: A surfboard structure made from sustainably sourced biological/renewable material (aka-wood) that provides the majority of the surfboard’s material and structural integrity – and therefore significantly reduces the amount of foam or resin needed to build the board.

    Read more at:

27 September 2012

Surfboard Railslide

"His 5’4 took a beating, but it’s a small price to pay for a thrilling time and excellent photo". Get out your old boards! Kobie Clemo via Stab Magazine - http://stabmag.com/kobi-clemo-poolside-rail-slide-oz

26 September 2012

11 September 2012

23 August 2012

23 June 2012

Dane Reynolds Coffin Surfboard?

Looks like an old/snapped  Al Merrick thruster modified into a twin fin coffinboard. Stills put together from the video 'star lounge'.

21 June 2012

Snapped Surfboards on Tavarua Island, Fiji

 Tavarua Island, Fiji

Jon Jon Florence's mum taking care of dead sticks
Photo: ASP

Massive boost by Gabriel Medina in the final against Kelly Slater

2 of Joel Parkinson's boards and the yellow one Owen Wrights
Photo: ASL

29 May 2012

The Broken Skateboard Surfboard: Björn Holm

Finnish designer Björn Holm has been collecting broken skateboards since 2011 from friends, relatives, and fellow skaters in his community. Much like 1000 Surfboard Graveyard, Holm realised that:

'Skateboards are sweet, its just as simple as that. Most people throw them away after they snap. Thousands of boards being used as landfill all over the world, and that´s a shame with this great material inside these boards. Don't throw those boards away, keep them and make something beautiful!'Björn Holm

Holm's creation is a colourful, 100% recycled 6'4" fish surfboard made from nothing but broken/old skateboards. He called the project RETO - REcycle for TOmorrow - see the video for the full story.

Board & Images: Björn Holm - boboholm.com
Video: Patricia Wiklund, posted by korduroy.tv

26 May 2012

Cardboard Surfboard: Hand-made By Scott Mac Donough

You may know of the cardboard surfboard kits made by Mike Sheldrake (if not, click HERE NOW). It's not exactly the first material one tends to associate with surfboard construction. Scott Mac Donough has created another innovative cardboard surfboard variation. It may need some fine tuning - but bring on 'The Cardboard'!

7 May 2012

Thank You. Your 'Like' Counted.

Thank you to everyone who took a moment to like 1000SG's quiver shot because it made the top 5!!! This means it will soon get featured on - http://www.korduroy.tv - Korduroy.TV is getting quite an online following these days so its rad news for 1000SG!

29 April 2012

The Original Eden Project Eco-board

Here are some photos from my visit to The Eden Project. The Eden Project in Cornwall, England, is the home of the world's largest green house, which takes form as several massive interconnected biomes. The Eden Project launched an eco-surfboard project back in March 2009, the board now resides on display in the largest biome. The Eden Project also focus on educating people about creating a sustainable future through initiatives like the Real Cool Futures website 

...Over five years, staff at Eden worked with three other companies, Homeblown, Sustainable Composites and Laminations, to produce the board which is made from 50 per cent renewable materials. The move is considered a significant step forward from the petroleum chemicals used in traditional surfboard production.