29 May 2012

The Broken Skateboard Surfboard: Björn Holm

Finnish designer Björn Holm has been collecting broken skateboards since 2011 from friends, relatives, and fellow skaters in his community. Much like 1000 Surfboard Graveyard, Holm realised that:

'Skateboards are sweet, its just as simple as that. Most people throw them away after they snap. Thousands of boards being used as landfill all over the world, and that´s a shame with this great material inside these boards. Don't throw those boards away, keep them and make something beautiful!'Björn Holm

Holm's creation is a colourful, 100% recycled 6'4" fish surfboard made from nothing but broken/old skateboards. He called the project RETO - REcycle for TOmorrow - see the video for the full story.

Board & Images: Björn Holm - boboholm.com
Video: Patricia Wiklund, posted by korduroy.tv

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