A graphic design project by Chris Anderson for his Creative Arts Honours degree at The University of Wollongong.The aims of this project is to highlight landfill as societies graveyard for material objects like surfboards and in doing so intends to generate fresh conversations on whether we can better manage this waste. Currently there are up to 63 million surfboards in use worldwide*. At the end of their lives, they will become landfill. There are no large-scale surfboard recycling solutions.

*(The Encyclopedia of Surfing by Matt Warshaw, 2005, p605, reports that the world wide surfing population is estimated to between 17 million (Surfing Australia) and 23 million (International Surfing Association). Research by Decarbonated Sports, 2011 estimates that the average surfer has 2.75 surfboards.)
2.75 X 17million = 46.75
2.75 X 23 million = 63.25


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