29 February 2012

Jay Howell: Coffin Board Illustrations

 Dark Wave Page
Gouache, Acrylic, Ink and Spray Paint on book paper
4" x 7", framed

Dark Wave Peace
Gouache, Acrylic, Ink and Spray Paint on book paper
4" x 7", framed

Jay Howell's illustrations include a cartoon character on a single fin coffins, yep, rad.

"Artist Jay Howell has been a strong presence in the SF Bay Area for the past few years (now living and working in Los Angeles), sharpening his cartoon-style drawings of skinny guys with erections, naked chicks on skateboards, dogs, beer, rockers, and endless good times." 

Source: Fecal Face & FFDG

26 February 2012

SW: Bringing the Dead Sled Back to Life

In Issue 316 of Surfing World (pg12-13) there is a great little story on bringing back a dead sled in a frankenstein like experiment. Super cool - hunt a copy down.

23 February 2012

TONIGHT: Our Oceans in Crisis

"This event is a call out to all ocean lovers. Aimed at raising awareness of 2 major threats of our oceans; Hearts For Sharks will shock you with their current findings on the dismal state of one of the most infamous creatures on earth and Environmentalist and co-founder of ‘Take 3′, Tim Silverwood will discuss the problem of plastic pollution in our oceans with anecdotes from his recent expedition to the ‘Great Pacific Garbage Patch’."

Source: Patagonia

22 February 2012

Gui Matias Makes A COFFIN † BOARD

Gui Matias sent me a link to the making of his 3'3" Coffinboard which featured on his BLOG. Good to see he went all out by glassing the nose and tail, unlike the 1000SG duct tape models!

If you've made a coffin †, or plan to make one let 1000SG know!

21 February 2012

Simon Says. (Simon Anderson, that is)

A quick calculation means 40 WCT pro surfers = 120 - 480+ snapped boards p.a.
(not including the the women tour or juniors). However, at least pro boards can keep their worth if they are signed etc

Source: TRACKS Feb 2012

20 February 2012

On The Topic: Australian Open of Surfing - Manly Artist, Angela Van Boxtel

Manly Daily: 16 Feb 2012

 Manly Daily: 1 Dec 2011
Manly Daily: 15 Sep 2011

Manly artist Angela Van Boxtel has been reusing and upcycling surfboards for awhile now. She has transformed surfboards into chalkboards, chairs and notice-boards, some of which were on display at Manly market lane during the Australian Open of Surfing. These articles explain why Angela thinks it's important to try to reuse/upcycle surfboards.

13 February 2012

8 February 2012

Airline Crushes Surfboard

Not sure what would be worse having your board lost, or opening up your board bag to find this?

Source: CI Surfboards

5 February 2012

DIY Surfboard Shelf

Forget IKEA - My mates dad split one old surfboard down the stringer and then cut another up for the shelves. 2 bolts in the sides and wol~lah a brand new book shelf.

4 February 2012

Manufacturing Stoke: A Surf Industry Documentary

Documentary Film Description:
No other sport is so intrinsically linked to nature. Some call it a spiritual experience, most call it indescribable. And yet, in becoming the multi-billion dollar industry it is today, a great paradox has risen. Surfers are indeed directly connected to the earth's pulse and yet a majority of the materials used are environmentally toxic.

Download HERE

Here are a few stills put together with some insights from the doco itself. If you surf it's a must-see and if you don't, it's definitely worth watching.

The surf industry isn’t the surf industry – it’s the clothing business with a really good hook.

There are people doing things now days that people are laughing at and scorning at, that are doing things their way,  going against the so called 'grain', they will be the champions down the road. 

I don’t think any athlete is going to risk performance on, whatever you want to call it, sustainability...

...if all we have ended up doing is creating legions of followers all wearing what we tell them to wear, all riding what we tell them to ride, then we have completely failed as surfers.

The polyurethane industry that’s been around for long, that era, you know, its definitely going to change, you know, it has to change. It was regulations that shut Clark Foam in the end, not willing to meet environmental regulations.

There’s nothing more punk rock than being sustainable… if your rejecting the big mass machine out there – tell something that is more punk rock than that!  

I find it really difficult to see that there is any soul in having your board made by a 23 year old girl in China that’s never see the ocean, let alone surfs

Manufacturing Stoke Website HERE
Download HERE

2 February 2012

Spot The Broken Surfboard!

I found this still frame on Tim Bonython's Facebook. It came from footage for the ASMF 10th edition IMMERSION which will tour in 2012. Great to see surfing still makes it to the big screen! 

See more: ASMF 
Surfer: Bones Dwyer