29 April 2012

The Original Eden Project Eco-board

Here are some photos from my visit to The Eden Project. The Eden Project in Cornwall, England, is the home of the world's largest green house, which takes form as several massive interconnected biomes. The Eden Project launched an eco-surfboard project back in March 2009, the board now resides on display in the largest biome. The Eden Project also focus on educating people about creating a sustainable future through initiatives like the Real Cool Futures website 

...Over five years, staff at Eden worked with three other companies, Homeblown, Sustainable Composites and Laminations, to produce the board which is made from 50 per cent renewable materials. The move is considered a significant step forward from the petroleum chemicals used in traditional surfboard production.

23 April 2012

iDing Repair - 'The Ultimate Guide For Fixing Surfboards'



 The main cause of broken surfboards not being repaired is that they are expensive if done professionally. With this new iPhone/iPad app you can learn how to do your own repairs, save money and keep that old board in action!

iDing - Surfboard repairs is the ultimate instructional guide on how to fix your own surfboards on the road or in your own garage. iDing provides specific steps and directions for repairing your surfboard like a professional. With clear images and descriptions for each step it makes repairing your surfboards a breeze. The app also provides you with information on what tools and material you will need to professionally repair your own surfboards with confidence. Think of the money you could save on repairs if you were doing them in your own garage.


19 April 2012

333 Broken Surfboard Halves - One Third!

Here are some photos to visualise one-third of the 1000 Surfboard Graveyard collection! The boards rest in a semi-organised fashion (note the tails ordered by height) this mainly to maximise space in the backyard, which is slowly disappearing...

The next mile stone is 500!

Stay tuned - facebook.com/1000SG