19 March 2012

Old Dude Crowd Surfing on a Surfboard - Glastonbury

I'm not sure how this rockin' dude snuck a longboard past the festival security... but it looks like it was worth the ride!

17 March 2012

Crowd Surfing: A New Frontier in Surfboard Reuse?

Australian Open of Surfing, Manly Beach

Big Day Out, Sydney


Rich Aucoin

Even kids bodyboards... 

and surf mats!

 ...pretty much anything inflatable too.

Lots of interesting 'surf' conditions here! 
Hardly a new frontier, but amusing nonetheless.

12 March 2012

Surfboard Exchange - Selling Your Old Surfboards

1000SG is all about collecting dead boards, but what about buying/selling boards that are old but still rideable? If your're starting out there is no doubt second hand boards are the cheapest and safest option if you want to get into surfing.

Sure, there's eBay but if you list on Surfboard Exchange you can email them 'with a few pictures of the board and [they'll] get back to you with a valuation in 48 hours'. It's a specialised marketplace for surfboards allowing buyers and sellers to get fair prices on their boards. If you like Surfboard Exchange on Facebook you can even get one free listing - check it out: HERE

4 March 2012

Surfboard Debate: Smorgasboarder Jan 2011

A collection of snippets from an Australian surfboard industry debate that featured in the Jan 2011 of Smorgasboarder Magazine. The full article can be found below.

2 March 2012