30 July 2011


It is an awesome website that has really interesting stuff on all aspects of surfing.


It is a web-based media publication that features
"insightful commentary from the global surf community’s most prominent and thoughtful figures.
It addresses topics ranging from surfing to politics to music and art with the intention of sharing a diversity of perspectives in an online environment".

28 July 2011

Pt.1 Resurrection

So a snap is costly to repair, perhaps $140 - 200.

Not always worth it... but perhaps creating a brand new board from the same foam is...

I have never shaped a board, if I can anyone can...


1. Remove grip with heat, keep in tact it for later...
2. Cut the tail just after the side fins with a saw (keep leash plug)
3. Peel off glass, use gloves and any sharp thin tool
4. Use a pencil and ruler to mark up a shape
5. Shape it up with sander and a planer for the stringer
6. Add in rails and a single concave, just have a crack
7. Get it all smooth with a fine sandpaper

the rest... and the whole lot in a vimeo vid - coming soon!

Beer Can Surfboard

Making house party clean-ups that much better!


Transworld Surf - Californian Rich Morrison and TWS' Chris Coté and the recycled beer can surfboard.

27 July 2011

Kiama Independent

...hot off the press,  pg 8.


*Surfrider Foundation


The boards will be installed as halves in the style of a military cemetery

26 July 2011

John's Tale (excuse the pun)

That light blue tail saved John's life.

John was surfing Bombo when a massive set came. He bailed his board which then snapped leaving him only with that small tail to cling onto. He reckons without it he would have been the one put in a graveyard...

This project is not just about collecting the boards but also collecting the stories that go with them.

25 July 2011


I met up with Martin this sarvo. We had a good chat about life, his veggie garden, and surfing on the South Coast.

He directed me to LETS www.auslets.org/sydney it's a community exchange program.

For example you mow someones lawn you earn 25 points
These points mean you can get something for yourself like a haircut.

Ha, no need for money...

24 July 2011



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Yes, 1000 Surfboard Graveyard may be eligible for the world record of 'Most number of broken surfboards at a beach'

If you have an old surfboard be a record maker and contact 0400 235 412!


23 July 2011


I joined in an attempt to muster up some old surfboards. I understand clipart isn't cool but Freecycle is an online message board where people give away stuff for FREE, Get 100% off your next item, join the Illawarra group.

22 July 2011

Loads to collect

Although this board looks in shape, it's about as water logged as the titanic... goneee, cheers Chris Hutton

21 July 2011

The Mercury

"WANTED 1000 broken surfboards" - feel free to give me a buzz 0400 235 412!

Posca-Up board for the Mercury

Article with the Mercury happening tomorrow - nothing like a good prop

19 July 2011

Nic's Big Collection:

Nic and a mate mustered up their busted sticks

the pile is growing all the time!

1000 Surfboard Graveyard - Site: Garie Beach

7 July 2011


A Surfrider Foundation Campaign