28 July 2011

Pt.1 Resurrection

So a snap is costly to repair, perhaps $140 - 200.

Not always worth it... but perhaps creating a brand new board from the same foam is...

I have never shaped a board, if I can anyone can...


1. Remove grip with heat, keep in tact it for later...
2. Cut the tail just after the side fins with a saw (keep leash plug)
3. Peel off glass, use gloves and any sharp thin tool
4. Use a pencil and ruler to mark up a shape
5. Shape it up with sander and a planer for the stringer
6. Add in rails and a single concave, just have a crack
7. Get it all smooth with a fine sandpaper

the rest... and the whole lot in a vimeo vid - coming soon!


  1. Hi Chris,

    Is there an email address where to contact you? We would like to feature your project on Oceanforce Magazine. please check out www.oceanforce.org
    Great work!

  2. Hi Alfonso,

    I have only just noticed this comment! there was no notification and it must have slipped past me!.

    If you could email me about what you would like for a magazine article that would be fantastic