30 October 2011

Surfboards used in protest against ASP

Another example of people protesting with dead surfboards! This time at Kangaroo Island against the proposed ASP event.

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Source: Latest edition (Sep/Oct 2011) of Smorgasboarder: smorgasboarder.com.au

27 October 2011

Surfboards as anti-csg protest signs

I captured the top two photos whilst on the 'Walk for Water' - proof a broken surfboard makes for a great protest sign.

Walk for Water:
Over 3000 people walked across the iconic Sea Cliff Bridge in opposition to coal seam gas mining. Simultaneously, abseilers lowered a banner from the escarpment that read: "The community has spoken. Stop CSG! - http://stop-csg-illawarra.org

14 October 2011

Dane Reynold's pad reduces waste

"Coming Soon! Dane's new signature pad. No two are alike -- all completely original. Made from 100% post-production waste.

Awesome idea! It gets the 1000SG tick of approval - waste reduction through creativity and innovation! and who better then Dane Reynolds to endorse such a product right now...?

Source: Channel Islands Surfboards Blog

13 October 2011

Breaking Point: Quiksilver Pro France 2011

The Quiksilver Pro France 2011 was full of action this year, as per usual - big moves went down, but not without some big breakages too.

These photographs and video succinctly highlight the paradox
currently facing surfboards: on one hand, toxic materials (mainly PU/polyester resin & EPS/epoxy resin) provide the perfect properties in a surfboard that allow high profile professionals to execute the most progressive moves surfing has seen to date, whilst on the other hand they simply snap.

Photos: ASP / Quiksilver
Video: Quiksilver

Joel Parkinson, Julian Wilson, Adrian 'Ace' Buchan & Brett Simpson

8 October 2011


Just in case you've ever wondered what 200 broken board halves might look at your house...