30 January 2012


We've all seen EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) - It's the white packaging foam that protects new TV's, fridges, computers etc. Waste to Waves is 'turning trash into slash' in the US by creating a program where anybody can drop clean bits of EPS foam to certain surfstores so they can recycled back into surfboard blank foam via Marko Foam Blanks

My mate Cody Hess from California gave me the heads up on this link! He recently created a board of his own too reppin' the 1000SG stencil yew, international shaka ~!~

11 January 2012

Danes Waste Saving Grip

channel islands two piece deck pads are simple and effective. no frills just flat and grippy. i've used em for years, even while i was sponsored by other brands. i even tried to rip em off when i rode for kommunity project, but it was never the same. they never got it right. recently, rising material costs prompted scott aka scotty aka hawaiian scott, who is in charge of that sorta thing at channel islands, to visit the manufacturer to see how they could stay in production despite rising material costs. what he saw was mountains of EVA scraps. trash. useless waste. but what if we used it? used it to form the raw material for our deck pads? disposing of it is a burden, and it costs money, so why not? and so we did and now every deck pads unique; endless different patterns, variations, different colors. the manufacturer cuts down on waste, channel islands keeps making deck pads, we give what was doomed to be trash a little bit of life, a little bit of joy, everyone looks rad, everyone wins.

Source: Marine Layer