27 August 2011

1000SG Media





1000SG has had some great media attention in the last week!

These sites have many great design ideas and articles posted on them - well worth looking at!

24 August 2011

Headstone for a pet.

I remember being really young when my budgee died, I was so devo I cried. I think a shoebox was used as a coffin which sounds pretty povo looking back on it... anyway!

I found this board half had been used an actual headstone for a pet bunny - R.I.P Snuffy

20 August 2011

1 tenth of what's to come!

The collection is tallying up everyday...

almost 100 here - for realllllll!

If you're not following the project get behind the cause; LIKE IT HERE

18 August 2011

Surfboards moo-ving on...

Artist: Anthony Pelto
Inspired by connection between the land and the sea, Pelto has given the outback a new and unique perspective by taking 30 surfboards, covering them in cowhide and photographing them in the Red Centre of Australia, including Uluru, Kata Tjuta and Kings Canyon.



The ability of creativity to make old things unique - awesome work!

12 August 2011

Surfboard Menorah & Rabbi G Stomping the Yard


A 9 stick Surfboard Menorah adaptation for the Jewish Hanukah festival.
A more interesting and exciting use that 1000SG has seen - brilliant none the less!

How is the hand-stand action at 1:50!? and then the shuffle at 2:49!?

Perfect monument for a dance showdown! Watch @

10 August 2011

1000 Chairs?

Benches & Chairs made from old surfboards!
Awesome! It's a quick solution for re-using surfboards and the best bit is you have a chair - with a drink holder too!


9 August 2011

Herbie Fletcher

In the rather niche area of broken surfboard art history there is one prominent name.

Herbie Fletcher, here is a pretty rad piece he did in Hawaii.


7 August 2011

Surfboard Letterbox?

Alan, 94, walked every street in 287 suburbs of Sydney, Australia

This is only 1 of his 2400 bizarre photos that document his 'surprises' or interesting sights of art and design as he strolled nonstop around Sydney.

He has received so much media attention its not funny... Check it:
Walk Sydney Streets

Back to the point, a potential 'up-cycle' for broken boards that's for sure!

6 August 2011

Surfboard or Bodyboard?

What the?
Surfboard / Bodyboard?

= Sodyboard?

I called upon my local boardriders (Jones Beach) to bring in any of their old boards. Glen brought in this homemade crossbred mongrel that his son Corey made between an old foam finned bodyboard and a shortboard. I took it for a spin... it's meant to be ridden like a bodyboard for just pulling into shorey's

I thought the cables tied fins was pretty damn clever.

More boards here

5 August 2011

4 August 2011

1000SG on Exhibit

When exhibiting in a sustainable design exhibition it's all about re-using hence the decision to rock cardboard box plinths, opening night photos - coming soon!

1 August 2011

SYDNEY DESIGN 2011: SRD Change11 Sustainable Design Exhibition

Exhibition Set Up
The progress of 1000SG will be on exhibition as a part of Sydney Design Festival 2011, presented by the Powerhouse Museum

National Graduate Sustainable Design Exhibition
SRD Change 11: www.srdchange.org

6:30pm - 40 Mount Street, North Sydney

Sydney Design