4 February 2012

Manufacturing Stoke: A Surf Industry Documentary

Documentary Film Description:
No other sport is so intrinsically linked to nature. Some call it a spiritual experience, most call it indescribable. And yet, in becoming the multi-billion dollar industry it is today, a great paradox has risen. Surfers are indeed directly connected to the earth's pulse and yet a majority of the materials used are environmentally toxic.

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Here are a few stills put together with some insights from the doco itself. If you surf it's a must-see and if you don't, it's definitely worth watching.

The surf industry isn’t the surf industry – it’s the clothing business with a really good hook.

There are people doing things now days that people are laughing at and scorning at, that are doing things their way,  going against the so called 'grain', they will be the champions down the road. 

I don’t think any athlete is going to risk performance on, whatever you want to call it, sustainability...

...if all we have ended up doing is creating legions of followers all wearing what we tell them to wear, all riding what we tell them to ride, then we have completely failed as surfers.

The polyurethane industry that’s been around for long, that era, you know, its definitely going to change, you know, it has to change. It was regulations that shut Clark Foam in the end, not willing to meet environmental regulations.

There’s nothing more punk rock than being sustainable… if your rejecting the big mass machine out there – tell something that is more punk rock than that!  

I find it really difficult to see that there is any soul in having your board made by a 23 year old girl in China that’s never see the ocean, let alone surfs

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