23 March 2015

TRACKS MAGAZINE - 1000SG Feature: How to bury dead boards sustainably?

"Chris’ artwork was the first of its kind but since he completed the work, board graveyards have been created in commemoration of surfers. Notably, Ricardo dos Santos was recently honoured with a board graveyard. “It was pretty cool to see that happen,” said the 25-year-old, who may have started a new surfing ritual."

Read the full article here: http://www.tracksmag.com/how-to-bury-dead-boards-sustainably/


  1. Hey Chris, Thought you may like to read this, as reported on SRD Change facebook... Awesome article on SUSTAINABLE SURFBOARDS?... by Lauren Helper of GreenBiz shows that not only can positive design thinking and practice can make real change it can also lead to benefits in Multiple industries... 'Cowabunga!' http://ow.ly/OAe9a Hope all is good for you, Cheryl and I are currently on ‘OzLap15’ greener conversation tour, connecting & encouraging the positive change transition. It's going well, just spoke to a Transitions group in the Sunshine Coast. Are you still doing graphics? cheers Greg

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