11 November 2011


POSTERS! In the current exhibition (12 - 18th Patagonia Surf Store Sydney) there will be posters for sale, they are available online too, for $25!

Come along there's lots happening...
1000 Surfboard Graveyard Exhibition

- Handprinted at the Big Fag Press in Sydney by me, the artist, Chris Anderson
- Printed on 100% recycled Enviro-care Paper (120gsm - 65% post-consumer & 35 pre-consumer waste)
- Limited Run of 300 prints

Here's some snaps from the printing process

Plate making in Marackville

Inking up the rollers

Pat Armstrong from the Big Fag Press setting up the printer

Printing, each paper piece of paper is put onto the press and printed one by one

A time saving mass crop with Rob from Farrell Printing

Big thanks to:
Imagination Graphics - imaginationprepress.com
Big Fag Press - bigfagpress.org
Pat Armstrong - portfolio.somnambulist.org
Farrell Printers - farrellprinters.com.au


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